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Flight with Four-Seat Airplane from Lesnovo

Flight with Four-Seat Airplane from Lesnovo
Flight with Four-Seat Airplane from Lesnovo
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An extremely nice gift, especially if you want to impress a prospective pilot, a dreamer. Air gift for adventurers or romantics, suitable for lovers of strong sensations and beautiful views. Smooth flying over the mountains or shaving flight over rivers and forests will make the heart of the hardest daredevil to dash. The sleek airplane guarantees both security and fun. Everyone has ever dreamed of flying and now this dream is even more accessible. Give a flight and note another adventure in the asset!

Gift includes:

1. Instruction - Before each fly, the pilot conducts a pasenger before a flight briefing that addresses various issues of flight principles, airplane management, airborne navigation, and flight safety measures.
2. Professional pilot - fly are conducted by a pilot-instructor.
3. Time of flight insurance.
4. Csasna flight or another four-seater depending on the package.
5. Ability to take control at high security levels.


Good to know:

The minimum age of those wishing to receive a pilot flying lesson is 12 years.  The duration of the flight briefing and the nature of the topics under consideration depend on the duration of the flying lesson desired by the "learner pilot" and what he aims to learn. The study of safety measures is mandatory at the pre-briefing briefing.

What happens there:

The flights are operated by 4 local airplanes with certain load restrictions, adapted for training, sightseeing, aerial walks and more.The area and flight duration is determined by the type of the voucher and may be extended by the pilot and flight conditions. We are committed to making this flight an unforgettable experience full of emotion and adrenaline. Within the flight, you can ask the pilot for extreme elements.

The flights start from Lesnovo airport and in the frames of about 70 minutes you can reach the Rila Lakes - the most popular flight.

Booking information:

Several days before you plan to use the gift certificate, please send us an e-mail to incuding the certificate number, validity, preferred date and time, telephone number and a name. We are going to make the reservation for you and send you back a confirmation e-mail. If you would like additional information for airplane flights, charter flights or flight gift certificates please call us at +359 888977117 or check out our website


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