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Wedding Present - An Adventure for Newlyweds

Wedding Present - An Adventure for Newlyweds
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Wedding Present - An Adventure for Newlyweds
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Dear sweethearts (in other words bride, but not a runaway and broom, but not a martyr), first we wish you to be healthy so that you can always rely on one another, support each other, respect and love each other always. Do not allow your family life to turn into a habit, rather make it an amusing trip to different destinations. Rediscover each other every day and stay the same, ...... and......, different and complementary to each other!
Laugh from your heart, scramble with the difficutlies together, dance, experiment, have fun (well, you may also work from time to time). You can always rely on us and know that we will support you in every crazy idea, you may have, even in this one. 
Create your own fairytale and be infinitely happy!

With lots of love............and.............!


Gift includes:

LOVE is in the AIR -  a shared paragliding flight or a romantic airplane trip and a champagne on board. 
For the paragliding flight:
1. Two tandem flights with experienced pilots and certified equipment in the area of the accomodation. 
2. A night in a double room in a guesthouse in Sopot or in an eco-village in Predela area /between Rila and Pirin/.
3. A romantic dinner for two with national dishes or bio food, produced in the farm of the eco-village.
For the airplane flight:
1. 30 minute flight with a luxurious Cessna 172S Skyhawk airplane and route, chosen by you.
2. Experienced pilot and certified airplane, suitable for charter flights. 
2. A botthe of champagne and glasses on board. 

Concerning the paragliding flight: After leaving your luggage in the guest house, you are your pilots head to the flying ground. You are going to have a safety instruction, put on the equipment and the flight starts. Depending on the flying conditions, the flight lasts about 25 - 30 minutes. During the flight you may take pictures with your camera or with the camera of the pilot. You have to strictly follow the instructions of the pilot. Later, you can plan the dinner at a suitable time for you. 
Concerning the airplane flight: After the instructions and the route planning, the flight starts in the desired direction. The flight lasts around 30 - 45 min. including the time for gaining speed, taking off and landing. The champagne should be opened in advance for safety reasons.

Booking information:

If you need more information please call us at: +359 888977117.