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Adventures in the air

Ultralight Aircraft Flight
Everyone of us has dreamed of flying, now you can make a gift to your beloved one or a friend and make their dream come true!The elegant..
Knock down the melancholy, get over the fear and prepare yourself for а blast of emotions. Live your day to the fullest. Bungee - Alpine speed trolle..
A lady aged 102 celebrated her birthday on the bridge, where jumps are performed in Aidaho. She is the oldest person, who have ever done suc..
An extreme adventure while safety is guaranteed, no need of preliminary preparation or long lasting trainings. Gift includes:1. A gift certificate fo..
One of the most appreciated gifts is now available with different locations to choose from. An extreme adventure with safety guaranteed, no need ..
A jump in the abyss sounds frightening, but this is one of the most beautiful and energizing places to jump off. In the beautiful nature, away from th..
The bungee jump is well known for being one of the safest extreme experiences. The spectacular view and the unforgettable experience are als..
A lot of people want it, but just a few dare to do it.. Which group are you from? Give yourself a chance, overcome your fears and do the bungee ..
This adventure is quite new and it is getting more and more accessible for the bungee jump fans. This type of bungee jump gives you the opportuni..
This is a great opportunity to see the world from another prospective, experiencing the adrenaline rush.Gift includes:Your tandem instructor will expl..
Take somebody to a journey on a flight in the clouds. This is for people, who would like to enjoy the view from even higher.  Gift includes:1. A ..
A free flying person, who is not bound with ropes or parachute - this is real flying in its finest. The strong air stream in the air tunnel allow..
From the beginning of time, humanity has dreamt of flying in the skies. Now you can make a dream come true and make a gift to a friend or your lo..
Make a gift to someone, take them on a flight, full of adrenaline. During the paragliding flight, figures from the aerobatics are performed such as sp..
Cessna Airplane Flight Introductory Flying Lesson
One extraordinary gift especially if you would like to impress somebody with the beauty of our country or to make their dream of flying like a bird co..
799.00лв 890.00лв
This gift combines an introductory lesson trip for everry dreamer pilot with the delight of flying like never before. One extraordinary..
Make a gift and take somebody on a trip in the clouds - umatched delight from flying, in a way that no one ever have done it. Raising u..
A romantic trip in the air for couples. Lovers, newlyweds or stargazers, celebrating their goldern wedding, this gift is for you. This gift gives..
A special gift for really brave people, for whom fear is just part of the adrenaline game in life. For those who need more and more adrenaline and th..
If you want to be extravagant even in the sky, then this adventure is just for you.  ​ Gift includes:1. Voucher for 30 min fl..
Feel special even in the sky with this exclusive adventure. Gift includes:1. The price includes: - 1/one/ hour flying time - fuel - qualified pilot - ..
Make a gift and take somebody on a wonderful trip on the ridge of the mountain. This gift is for people, who would like to fly over peaks and gullies ..
Especially for the lovers, we offer a unique, romantic and slightly extreme adventure. Surprise your beloved one with a shared flight with a paraglide..
Make a gift, full of adrenaline and emotion - a flight high in the sky, combined with an extreme ride with a jeep in Stara planina.  Gift include..
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