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Shooting lesson

A strong feeling for those who enjoy shooting. You will have the ability to hold in your arms and shoot with weapons from a variety of caliber - from the most massive "Makarov" through the Smith & Wesson Revolver to a Pump and Kalashnik gun. We'll show you how to secure a gun, how to shoot in different positions and how not to do it, influenced by clichés in the cinema. We'll teach you how to react to a risky situation and give first aid to a victim. We have added a safety course for the ladies and how to deal with an assault by an abuser, including weapons.


This half day course for Glock (Models 17 & 19) is designed for the complete novice and will teach fundamental weapon handling skills, range &..
This shooting package has been designed with the complete novice in mind, and is available in Sofia. We will teach fundamental weapon handling skills,..
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