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Moto Parglider Flight + HD Video

Moto Parglider Flight + HD Video
Moto Parglider Flight + HD Video
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Our offer for lovers and extreme fans, now with BIG discount and a video, capturing the moment. 
If flying is nothing new for you, you need to try flying with a paratrike. 
A fly in the surroundings of Sofia or around Shumen, Kazanlak, Primorsko, Dupnitsa, Ihtiman, Plovdiv and others. 
Upon choosing to fly with a paratrike, you are going to make a basic dream come true - the dream of Ikar to fly. 

Gift includes:

1. Voucher for 15 to 20 min. flight with paratrike.
2. Highly qualified tandem pilot with certified and insured equipment for execution of flights. 
3. Equipment, safety aids, procided on spot. 
4. Cameras for HD video.
5. Retouched HD video recording with your unforgettable adventure. 

If you decide that you would like a longer flight, a video recording from the helmet or from the ground or extreme elements, you can request this and pay the extra on spot. We can also provide transportation if needed!

Good to know:

1. One voucher is valid for one person. The maximum weight of the passenger is 150 kg!
2. Nevertheless how much the flight lasts, after the end of the main prepaid flight, the time is calculated every 15 min. The duraiton of the flight can be up to 2 hours.  
3. Flying outside preliminary planned places, depending on the terrain + the transportation costs from Sofia to the place. 
4. We can produce a banner with advertising and personal messages.
5. Filming of objects and events from the air with professional photo and video equipment by a professional operator  /a pilot + operator with a trike/.
6. Your company name or logo, printed on a paraglider with the size of over 30 sq.m for one year. Flights over massive events /concerts, festivals and others/, over the mountain resorts during the winter, over the Black Sea cost during the summer, over main roads as a flying bilboard and on all events, visited by us in Bulgaria and abroad. 
7. Photo hunt - flying over a certain area with the aim of taking pictures of animals and terrains. The price depends on the route. 

Booking information:

Several days before you plan to use the gift certificate, please send us an e-mail to incuding the certificate number, validity, preferred date and time, telephone number and a name. We are going to make the reservation for you and send you back a confirmation e-mail. If you would like additional information for airplane flights, charter flights or flight gift certificates please call us at +359 888977117 or check out our website


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