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Rafting on Struma River - Pay 4 and Take 5

Rafting on Struma River - Pay 4 and Take 5
Rafting on Struma River - Pay 4 and Take 5
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Make yourself a present and go for an extreme adventure. Take a friend too. If you buy 4 vouchers, you will get 5 for free.
A gorgeous experience for beginner fans of the extreme sports and the water tourism. 
Descent with rubber boats - Boats, easy to control in the presence of a qualified instructor.  Apart from being suitable for beginners, this adventure is also for the fans of the strong emotions, big groups of people and companies, aiming at uniting the staff outside the office. Especially in sweeping waters, when the feeling of danger makes the blood boils. Being outdoor in nature and the active sport will bring lots of emotions.  
The voucher is valid up to the end of May 2016, when the water in Struma boils and waits for its brave adventurers.  

Gift includes:

Briefing, insurance and full equipment for 5 people.
(a helmet, neoprene, lifeguard vest, jacket and neoprene shoes - boots)
Qualified instructor during the descent. 
If needed, dressing rooms and showers for taking a bath.
Transportation after finishing the track. 

Upon agreement:
Transportation "To and back"
An experienced photographer, who takes photo of you in the most extreme moments and attractive swift currents, the whole trip and the party in the bar, only if you buy him a treat. 
Cups for the winners or bravery award certificates can be provided. 

What happens there:

The rafting down Struma river is one of the most popular water sports. It is conducted in the pass of Kresna, which is situated 120 kilometeres away from Sofia, on the international route Е79 Sofia - Kulata. It is there, where Struma cuts into the mountain and forms attractive swift currents for the fans of the extreme adventures. The rafting center is situated on the shore of the river and it is the starting point of your fun. 
We are going to provide you with the full equipment and you need to bring your good mood with you. 
The descent lasts 2 hours, you pass through different types of swift currents. After the end of it, we are going to take you back to the center, where the dressing rooms, the showers are. There is also a bar, in which you can construe the adventure.  

Booking information:

Several days before you plan to use the gift certificate, please send us an e-mail to incuding the certificate number, validity, preferred date and time, telephone number and a name. We are going to make the reservation for you and send you back a confirmation e-mail. If you would like additional information for airplane flights, charter flights or flight gift certificates please call us at +359 888977117 or check out our website


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