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Balloon Flight at a Great Price

Balloon Flight at a Great Price
Balloon Flight at a Great Price
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Make a gift to your loved one and enjoy life as never before!
This is especially designed for the adrenaline fans. "The buildings become little boxes, tha meadows - colourful specks and everything looks like an endless puzzle", said people, who have tried our newest extreme delight - flight with a hot-air-balloon. The balloon flight is one of the most atractive extreme adventures, in which more and more people indulge around the world and in Bulgaria. The walk in the air rise up the adrenaline and provokes positive emotions for years to come. Now even option to choose different locations is available ..

Gift includes:

1. A short briefing.
2. Professional pilot.
3. Flight up to 1 hour /free flight/ or 30 min. depending on the type.
4. Certified equipment with all the consumables needed.
5. Taking off and landing assistants.


Good to know:

1. All the expenses are included in the price, however you need to get to the flying ground by your own means of transportation. 
2. The balloon can take three passengers + a pilot.
3. The flights are in the area of Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Bansko and Sopot.
4. You may choose other flying spots and in these cases additional charges will be applied for the transportation of the equipment.
5. The flight at a great price is performed only at Belozem airport, next to Plovdiv.
6. If you choose the flight with options to pick up the taking off place, you may join in stretching the balloon and the preparation for the taking off, which make this adventure unforgettable.  


Booking information:

For more information please call us at +359 888977117.


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