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Kayaking - this adventure is not just a boat trip, this adventure is for people with strong hearts and for adrenaline fans!

Gift includes:

1. Instructions concerning the forthcoming descent or a training; trainer.
2. Water test for swimming in a swift current. 
3. Specialized equipment for the descent (turistic kayaks, paddles, tents, mat, sleeping bags upon request, insurance, transportation of the personal luggage and the equipment on the shore).

Good to know:

Kayaking is available at several sutiable rivers accordint to the season - Struma, Topolnitsa, Yantra, Tundzha, Kamchia, Arda, Danube,Maritsa, Rusenski Lom, as well as Kardzhali dam. 

You are required to:
1. Personanally fill in a declaration for voluntary participation and written statement of the participants that they can swim.
2. Water test for swimming in a swift current. 
3. Bring yourself food, seasonable clothes, transportation to the starting point, departure from the final location.

Booking information:

For more information please call us at: +359 888977117;


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