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White-waters and Extreme Situations Survival Training - for Beginners or Advanced

White-waters and Extreme Situations Survival Training - for Beginners or Advanced
White-waters and Extreme Situations Survival Training - for Beginners or Advanced
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The extreme programmes for uniting the staff require better physical preparation of the participants. In this way, the matchless extreme adventures are not risky and can turn into moments to remember. This is the way one can feel the sweet pain of the victory, once everything is finished and nobody is injured. These are extreme programmes, in which people overcome themselves, the group goes like one entity and some unexpected character features come up. 

Gift includes:

• breakfast, lunch, dinner and a beer
• equipment (boots, neoprene, a vest, a helmet and boats)
• qualified and experienced guides
• insurance for the whole weekend 
• accomodation for one night 
• mineral baths 
• basic skills in surviving and sailing in rapids
• all equipment will be provided for one real extreme picnic by the river 
• сейфти каякар
• visiting waterfalls
• Bonus - 1 adventure 

Good to know:

The gift does not include: 
• transportation to Struma • a photographer • alcohol and cigarettes 
Minimum 3 people in a group. 

What happens there:

At 10 a.m. we all meet at the sport center. The ride on Struma river will continue throughout the whole day. This requires a decent preparation and organization, in which each and every tourist will take part. The participants will be introduced to main methods of self-helping and sailing in white waters. During the whole day, you are going to have the chance to try: swimming, jumping, fatigue, laugh and muscle soreness. At noon we are going to stop and have lunch at some sunny glade. If it is raining.. then it will be an extreme lunch at a wet meadow (it is very extreme! and it is a bonus from us). The end of the track race is in Kresna. We will have a beer before we go bathing. The rooms will be with with a bathroom and a restroom (in extreme situations - after all this is an extreme rafting schedule). Then comes the abundant dinner, accompanied with homemade rakia, so that the moments from the long day to be well remembered. On the next day, after you rest, eat and drink coffee, we start hiking. 

Booking information:

If you would like additional information, please call us at +359 888977117 or check out our website


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