Everyone has ever dreamed of flying and now this dream is now available, thanks to Yassen Savov and Supergift.bg!

Who is Jasen Savov? Best title of Bulgarian paraglider in a disciplinary country and European champion for 2012

The only pilot to go on holiday in Greece flying a paraglider. / national record of 355 km for 2018 /

One of the youngest champions with more than 20 years of experience and more ..

In addition, you can learn as much as possible about trying to take advantage of your experience to learn many people who are required to take advantage of them.

The gift includes:

1. Tandem flight with a paraglider with Yasen Savov lasting 20 to 30 minutes.

2. A certified tandem paraglider equipped with a Western parachute and ready for flights

3. Transport from the center of Dragalevtsi to the Goli Peak peak and from the perch to the center.

The tandem paragliding flights are usually performed in the morning between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. or after 4 p.m., when the weather is suitable for paragliding flights. You can meet the pilot in front of the Chichovtsi restaurant in Dragalevtsi neighbourhood. The flying grounds are several - Valchata skala, Kominite, Reznyovete, Kopitoto and others. The pilot decides which is the most suitable place and you go there by foot. The flight lasts 30-45 minuttes depending on the atmospheric conditions. The landing place is above the stadium of Tsarsko selo complex. 
The fly overs lasts for 45-60 minutes.

Good to know:

You need to get to Dragalevtsi neighbourhood by personal means of transportation or by using the public transportation. You can join the instructor on his way to the mountain. This is done upon preliminary agreement. The purchase of a flight or a voucher can be done a day before the fly off. 
The flights from Vitosha require walking on foot due to the ban of driving in the region of the Natural park. We recommed that you wear comforable clothes - sport or turistic shoes, a jacket.The duration of the flight depend on the atmospheric conditions and the weight of the passenger /up to 110 kg./ from 15 to 30 min/. Heavier passengers can also fly, however the pilot should be warned.
Age – over 16s (younger people need to bring a declaration signed by their parents).
When flying with a tandem paraglider and a duration of about one hour, a height needs to be reached 'in thermals" (raising hot air), planing, searching and flying round in the next thermal torrent. When using "thermals": for raising up, the pilot makes "spirals" so that he can stay more in them. 
It is possible that the passenger could have a slight headache, because his vestibularis is not used to this. Usually it fades quite fast, but when it does not, the flight is terminated. Once at the flying ground, your pilot will help you with the equipment and will give you short briefing on the taking off and the flight. You are going to fly with an experiened pilot and you are going to have the chance to enjoy unforgettable sites and emotions. The flight will end with soft landing and lots of smiles. You can take your own photo and video camera, but we recommed you attach it safely on you. Most of the pilots have GoPro cameras and you can rely on their photos. The price of the pictures is not included in the flight. The purchase of a flight or a voucher can be done one day before the taking off. For orders, questions and more details, please call us at: +359 888977117.

Booking information:

Buying a flight or a voucher can be done a day before the flying. If you would like additional informationplease call us at +359 888977117.



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Paragliding Flight from Vitosha with Yassen Savov

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