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Do you want to look like a New York or London lady, do you want people to make your way and turn around after you, want to relax, moving actively - LONGBOARD is for you!

"Longboard is a skateboard that is similar but not the same as the skateboard." The Longboard is longer than the skateboard and can be of different shapes and sizes, and develops more speed because of its larger tires and used materials. The Longboard is mainly used for moving, sliding for fun, sloping downhill and less often for tricks ....

... A very popular way to ride a lollipop is to speed downhill slopes. For this purpose, the slippers use a safety helmet, tread and special metal gauntlets on them, which are used to correct movements during downhill. Driving at speeds above 100 km / h. "Wikipedia

The gift includes:

Half Board Long Board Adventure

Experienced instructor, different in type of LongBoard, helmet, protectors, gloves.

Instruction and safety equipment.

Tips for proper behavior, skateboard, snowboard, and others.

What Happens: After a short presentation of the sport, we start with the safety technique. Wearing protectors, helmets, and gloves is a must, especially if you are going to be doing something like that for the first time. At the core of the adventure is safety and regardless of your desire to advance, compliance with the rules guarantees your security. Self-learning is also a variation, but the experience and advice of the instructors will save you a lot of pain, and this is a crucial task if you want to achieve results.

After demonstrating balance and proper posture on the board, we serve the tasks with slight turns, ears and fun tricks, the goal being to be active and feel good.

Normally, the adventure takes place along the park lanes of the Borisova Garden, the South Park or the National Palace of Culture, where there are many people.

It is important to take account of them and to monitor their safety.

The training turns on after two three hours, depending on how hard you are physically resilient. The seeming lightness of an experienced rider is due to a lot of workouts, loading muscular groups that we do not use in everyday life. Muscle fever is a possible end, but a little price for the satisfaction you will be enjoying.

For reservations: A few days before using a certificate, send a letter to with the certificate number, validity, time and time, contact phone number and name. We will make your reservation and return a confirmation letter. For more information, contact us at 0888 977 117

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LongBoard Adventure

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