Take somebody on a tandem paragliding flight above Sofia. One unfortgettable adventure, which will later on make you shiver every time when you look up and see Vitosha mountain. This is an incredible gift, which combines emotion, romance and extreme. Paragliding flight with an instructor is maybe the safest way to see Sofia from above and to appreciate its beauty. 

The gift includes:

1. Tandem flight with a paraglider with a certified pilot - instructor and landing at the start.

2. A certified tandem paraglider equipped with spare parachute and ready for flights

Panoramic parachute tandem flights are usually in the morning between 9 am and 11 am or after 4 pm when weather is best suited for paraglider flying and there is no access to the mountain range with cars. This type of flight is only performed when a group of three flights is formed (for which we care). Wait with the pilot on the square in Dragalevtsi before the Chichovtsi River and head up to the mountain. The next stop is Aleko or the ramp for the upper station of the Dragalevski lift (a.k.a). Bai Krustyo. There are a few start-ups - the Wolf Rock, the Chimneys, the Cuttings, the Kopitoto and others. At the discretion of the pilot, the most suitable place to reach for about 30-40 minutes is chosen. The fields last about 15-30 minutes, depending on the weather conditions. After all flights are applied, we take back if you are using our transport.


You should know:

The duration of the flight depends on weather conditions and passenger weight (up to 120 - 130 kg / 15 to 30 min /

It is possible to fly even heavier passengers, but it is important to warn the pilot and the flight conditions are particularly good.

Age - 16 years old (smaller persons are required to fill in a declaration by a guardian).

Your pilot will help you outfit and give you brief directions on take-off and flight, and you must assume that their excitement is a must. An experienced instructor licensed, insured and certified equipment is provided for your Safety and will give you the chance to enjoy unforgettable views and unique emotions. The flight will end with a soft landing and many smiles. You can wear your own photo and video equipment, but it's good to be securely attached to you. Most pilots have action cameras and you can count on their cadres. The capture value is not included in the fields.

What is happening:

It is recommended that the clothing is comfortable for the mountain - sports or hiking shoes without hooks / cannabis, overcoat. In the standard flight, the pilot's ambition is to ensure a smooth flight, and if the passenger wishes, several extreme movements can be made, but the main feature is a Panoramic Flight - one of the most popular products. The pilot has the opportunity to demonstrate the beauty of true flying in the sense of "self-riding". The next type is the Acro Flight and they are betting on a series of figures with acrobatic elements. To achieve this, the pilot enters a "spiral" to rise to a higher height and have the time and speed for the figures. You can also think about a tandem paraglider with a duration of about one hour requires climbing in "thermal" (rising hot air), planning, searching and circling in the next thermal flow. When using elevating "thermal", the pilot makes "spirals" to keep them longer. It is possible for the passenger to receive a slight headache due to the unusual vestibular apparatus, which quickly subsides. In situations where the disorder does not pass, the flight is terminated.

For reservations:

A few days before using the certificate, send a letter to office@supergift.com with the certificate number, validity, desired date and time, contact phone number and name. We will make your reservation and return a confirmation letter. For more information, contact us at 0888 977 117

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Paragliding Flight from Vitosha

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