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WakeBoard - Iskar Lake Dam

WakeBoard - Iskar Lake Dam
WakeBoard - Iskar Lake Dam
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"Wakeboard school” for beginners and advanced at Iskar lake dam. We have a motor boat, wake boards in different size and life jackets available in the sport center and our trainers will give you precious advices on this sport. 
You are expected to be enthusiastic, patient and of course to have fun. 
This is a gift, suitable for young and active people, who like water sports or prefer snowboard to skiis. 
The lessons improve a lot the balance and develope the muscles in the whole body. 

Gift includes:

1. Equipment - a wakeboard, lifeguard vest.
2. Professional instructor. 
3. Equpped motor boat for pulling. 
4. 15/20 min. time for acquiring the basic techniques, starting, standing on the board and turning.
5. Digital photos from your lessons. 

There is no age limit for wakeboarding. 

Two people can join a single lesson.
Available: May - October

Good to know:

The sport is very nice, however physically . We recommend before starting the introductory lesson to prepare the upper part of your body, shoulders and arms with several visits of the fitness hall. Even trained sportsmen can not hold on for more than half an hour if they do not have the skills, which are required. 
There is no age limit for wakeboarding.
Location - Iskar Lake Dam.
Available: April - October

What happens there:

After the preliminary instructions, you are going to make several attempts to set out on the board. Our instructors will do their best to keep you above the water and to ensure you have enough time to get the biomechanical reflex for riding.

Booking information:

Several days before you plan to use the gift certificate, please send us an e-mail to incuding the certificate number, validity, preferred date and time, telephone number and a name. We are going to make the reservation for you and send you back a confirmation e-mail. If you would like additional information please call us at +359 888977117 or check out our website


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