Iztresteam & Supergift invite you to a five-day adventure program in the mountains of Northen Greece combining mountain biking, kayaking, rafting and visiting architectural and nature reserves in a very different way from the mass. We will visit some of North Pind's most beautiful corners.

We start from the dams of the Aliakmonas river shortly after Thessaloniki, where we will ride under the impressive cliffs, continue with bikes on the Meteora trails, swim in the Aaos dam, climb again and down the wooded slopes of Chumerka. We diving along the paths of the Vikos Canyon and ending with a rafting on the Voidumatis river.


Day 1 - transfer to Greece - sailing in the Bistritza River (Aliakmonas)

Start at 7 o'clock somewhere in the suburbs of Sofia. The first destination on the route is the dams on the Bistritza River (Aliakmonas). At noon we are there and jumping in kayaks for an afternoon tour. I will ride under the tall rocky shores, enjoying the beautiful scenery and the pleasure of lazy rowing.

At dusk, the journey continues to our next goal - the natural phenomenon of Meteora, which is even more impressive at sunset. At his foot, we'll spend the night camping.

Day 2 - mountain biking - crossing the paths of Meteora - with kayaks in the Aaos - Metsovo Dam.

In the morning, after breakfast, the minibus will take us to the starting point. There are 2-3 hours of ride in the impressive rock masses. They rise up to 400 meters above the valley, and the bike trail runs between them. Driving is technically easy, but it is good to have a minimum of experience because the trails are narrow and steep.

The route ends in Kalambaka. We take time giros and continue to the next destination - with kayaks in the Aaos dam. The transfer there is approximately 2 hours 30 minutes.

Aaos Dam in Vikos - Aaos National Park is located at 1,300 meters above sea level, pressed between the slopes of Mount Chumerka. Its shores are deep bays, peninsulas and even a few islands, and its mirrored waters reflect the mountains above. With the kayaks we will walk along some of the most beautiful shores. We will turn around 2 (up to three) hours, then "go down" with the minibus in Metsovo. Located at 1000 m above sea level. Metsovo is a small town with stone streets and beautiful houses that have laid on the steep slopes of Chumerka. The people of Metsovo are the descendants of Vlahi, who inherited their language and skills related to livestock farming and the crafts of its origin.

There we will be staying at the Olympic Hotel, but before that we will have dinner with a delicious meal prepared by Aunt Hajdu. More about her - on the spot.

Day 3 - Crossing the Mount Chummerka Mountainbike - Zagori, Vikos River

After breakfast, we go "to look for Grandma Metsa" on the forest roads above Metsovo. The area is known for its brown bear population. In 2018 we had the pleasure of meeting them without fatal consequences / apparently feeding them /. The route is mainly along forest roads, with a total length of about 30 km, a climb of almost 600, and a descent of more than 1100. If that seems to you a lot, do not worry. There is a shorter version. Riding does not offer the emotions of technical tracks, but the sights that are revealed are impressive. Still, if someone wants a technical route - you can try the sword trail. Next stop Zagori, Vosk. We plan for a picnic lunch. Products for it will be shopping before departure.

The ride ends in Anilio, where we will drink something and continue to the next destination - Zagori. The transfer there is about an hour and a half and leads us to unforgettable views - alternating mountain ranges, deep canyons with turquoise clear rivers, picturesque villages with stone-built houses lined with greenery. The area is famous for its hundreds of stone bridges. We are in Asprageli in the evening at Meliton boutique hotel. His name (to me personally) comes to me more, but the hotel is great and the people there - extremely warm and pleasant. The rooms are cozy and the village is quiet and authentic. I will not convince you about the food. This is the place!

Day 4 - Visit to the Vikos Canyon - Rafting on the Aaos or Voydoumatas River

On this day, for those of you who love biker fun, we have planned a variety of marches in the Vikos area. From smooth aswalt "shussans" winding in oak forests, connecting neighborhoods, through forest land roads, and for tickling of the drivers there are several "naughty" paths. At noon we stop for a picnic and break, then head to the Voydoutis River to get off the shelf. The river is class 2 - 2+. It does not offer adrenaline rushes but will impress you with its beauty. For those who have some experience, there is an option for descent with inflatable kayaks. The water is so clean that there is no obstacle to drinking from it. And how cold you can try yourself. There are great jumping rocks along the route.

Provided necessary equipment and guide during the descent. The participation fee is 35 euro + a canteen with cinnamon / Bulgarian tea twice a day /. In the evening we are back at Asprageli for dinner and relaxing on the terrace in front of the hotel.

Day 5 - the island of Ali Pasha in Ianina / Ioannina / - transfer to Bulgaria

We will spend time walking in the old part of town, behind the fortress walls, by the lake. The city is more than 70 km away, but this did not prevent it from having a typical Mediterranean look. We will visit the island where Ali Pasha's villa is. It can be reached by a small boat (cost 2,5 h) or by kayaks. At lunchtime we go back to Bulgaria.


Participation Fee 380 BGN (min 4 people).

Includes driver, required kayak equipment, seat in bus, fuel, highway taxi, bicycle trailer.

The price does not cover the cost of accommodation, rafting downhill fee, travel insurance abroad and food costs.

Additional costs:

1 / for accommodation and food. Make a tenth of a euro for camping.

Overnight stay in Metsovo (at Olimpic Hotel) costs about 40 euros for a double room (with breakfast). Ie. 20 euro / person

Dinner in a pub comes out 10-15 euros

At Asprageli we sleep in the magnificent hotel Mellion for 70 euros with dinner and breakfast (price for a double room, ie € 35 / person) So for a total of four nights (one in a camping and three in a hotel) with breakfast and dinner, . Evenings and snacks are at the hotel or in the tavern. For lunch, we will prepare sandwiches or make a picnic with the products from the store.

If you are interested in souvenirs there is everywhere, but in Metsovo there is a great shop for cheeses, wines and liqueurs, which are not to be missed!

2 / You can rent your own bicycle or hire us. Our bicycles are medium-class, with suspension, new, in excellent condition (RAM AM2 27.5 '' and Trail 29 ''). The rent is 50 leva per day. Includes helmet and gloves.

With interest, we can also secure e-bike rentals.

What you need:

- Camping equipment (tent, scarf, sleeping bag, backlighting). In case something does not reach you - ask us!

- Mountain biking bike, helmet, gloves, safety glasses

- clothes according to the season and weather forecast.

- hat and sunscreen, camera.

- bag with smiles :)

Payment: We require 50% prepayment when booking.

Mandatory advance booking of at least 2 weeks in advance to save seats in Metsovo and Aspragelli.

Other dates: May 1-5, 2019 or 12-15 September 2019.

If requested, this trip may be organized at any time.

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Unforgettable adventures in the mountains of Northern Greece

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