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Ultralight Aircraft Flight

Ultralight Aircraft Flight
Ultralight Aircraft Flight
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Everyone of us has dreamed of flying, now you can make a gift to your beloved one or a friend and make their dream come true!

The elegant airplane guarantees both security and comfort, fun and adrenaline.
It is up to you to choose whether it is a hedge-hopping flight above rivers, damns and forests that will make the heart of even the greatest of the dare-devils beat faster or a romantic flight over the beautiful Bulgaria.

Gift includes:

1. Instructions - before each trial lesson, the instructor gives a short briefing, during which different topics are discussed such as the basics of the flight, the piloting of the plane, air navigation and the safety measures, which need to be observed during а flight.
2. A professional pilot - the trial lessons are conducted by pilot instructors.
3. Insurance for the time of the flight.
4. An airplane flight.
The minimum age in order for taking a trial pilot lesson is 12 years. The duration of the briefing before the flight start and the topic of the lesson depend on what the client would like to learn and how long he wants the flight to be. Studying of the safety measuers is an obligatory part of the briefing before the flight starts. The flights are peformed at the following airports: Dolna Banya, Lesnovo (near Sofia),  Primorsko (near Burgas), Kalimantzi (near Varna) and others.


Good to know:

1. The gift certificate is valid for one person.
2. Age limit – minimum 12 years old.
3. Timing – the flights are conducted during the whole year-round.
4. Transportation – you need to get to the airport by personal means of transportation.
5. Aircraft  – P92S, P29GS,P202GF etc.

The time duration is enough in order to experience this new type of emotion, especially if more extreme flights are concerned. There are 5 minutes for warming up of the engine before taking off and several minutes of ruling to the start, the rest is pure adrenaline, which in this case is the most desired gift. There is a possibility for flying above preliminary planned places as far as the longer flight is concerned. These places can be out of the flying corridors of the aeronautical companies or in standard preliminary set routes.
The flight ends with several figures above the airport.



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